Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wrist Bag

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Knit Wrist Bag

Copyright to; Judith Prindle 7/15/06


1 skein of chunky yarn

size 6 double point needles


Not critical but mine was 5 st per inch.


k = knit

cast on 120 st

Row 1; k

Row 2; k 2 tog around (60st)

Row 3; k

Row 4; k 2 tog around ( 30 st)

Row 5; k

Row 6; k 13, k 2 tog 2 times, k 13.(28 st)

Row 7; k 13 cast on 2 st, k 13. (28 st)This row form the hole for your wrist strap to go through.

Row 8; k 2, make 1, around. (45 st)

Now knit each round until the bag is 5 inches long from cast on edge.


Row 1;k 2 tog around to last st, k. (23 st)

Row 2;k 1 rnd

Row 3;k 2 tog around to last st, k. (12 st)

Row 4;k

Row 5;k 2 tog around.(6 st) End & hide yarn ends.

Pick up 2 st on the inside of the bag, opposite the whole formed for the wrist strap to go through.Work icord for 9 inches. Bind off and tack this end of the cord just below the spot you picked up the icord stitches to begin it.Pull the strap through the hole in the bag insert your wrist and go!